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Welcome to the Spirit Haüs!

We will be out of office this week, celebrating our wedding anniversary. Shipping for all orders placed between May 15-19 will ship on May 20th.

Meet our new partner, Nature’s Rhythm

Nurturing and expanding the mind, body and spirit.

Nature’s Rhythm is an alternative 
health and wellness practice envisioned with restoring physical, emotional and mental health,  through various forms of bodywork and spirituality.

Nature’s Rhythm was founded by a passionate healthy foodie, dancer, and spiritual practitioner envisioned with giving individuals the ability to fully and powerfully forge each day using their maximum potential. 

For a limited time, all our customers are will receive a 10% discount coupon for all bodywork sessions upon any Spirit Haüs purchase.

Click here https://www.natures-rhythm.net/ to sign up for your first session toward enhanced wellbeing

Welcome to the Spirit Haüs!

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We are pleased to partner with

Float On is Hong Kong's first sensory deprivation center, and they have kindly collaborated with us to present a small selection of items, including salt lamps, copper bottles and journals in their shop. Floating allows one to enter a state of mental and physical relaxation that helps alleviate the stress of our hectic modern lives.  Stop by their convenient location in the mid-levels and experience it for yourself!

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