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A little bit about our philosophy for doing business

At The Spirt Haüs we don’t believe that small businesses need to compete in a zero-sum game.  We believe in the power of partnership and collaboration between diverse businesses with complementary offerings. We believe in helping suppliers and customers achieve their best through delivering and purchasing our products.

Here is how we do it:

  • We support our customers by delivering quality products, answering questions, addressing concerns, and taking products back when things don’t work out so well.
  • We partner with other businesses offering a no-risk profit-sharing arrangement that allows them to experiment with new product offerings risk-free.
  • We collaborate with suppliers to create new products, like our recycled sari bottle holder handmade in Nepal.
  • We work on our customer’s behalf sourcing and delivering customized products from a diverse range of suppliers.

We are The Spirit Haüs and we’re here for you no matter what you need. Drop us a line at info@thespirithaus.comfor more information or just a casual chat!


The Spirit Haüs

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