About Us

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Our Story

Winter, Sampson and Eddie

The Spirit Haüs is an online shop based in Hong Kong that seeks out new and interesting home decor, jewelry and gifts from around Asia.  We started our business in the spring of 2017 as a way to bring new ideas and items into Hong Kong.  In addition we also produce some items in our workshop, which allows us to tell our own stories and art.

Our founders, Nathan and Lynn, are expats who have lived in Asia for over nine years and have traveled extensively throughout the region.  We have a passion for good food, travel and our rescue dogs – Sampson, Winter and Eddie, three elderly Pekingese who keep us on our toes.

Our Commitment

We seek out find interesting items that tell our story, and are committed to sharing that story with our customers.  Most of our items are handmade and sourced ethically, meaning that the artists who create them not only get a fair price for their goods, but also get their stories and names provided to the people buying their art.  As we grow, we are hoping to begin micro-financing projects in the areas that our goods come from in an effort to give back to our crafters and the communities that support them.



Do you have a physical shop?

Not yet!  Currently we sell online, but also show at fairs and expos around Hong Kong.  These allow us to have a “pop-up shop” for a day and show off our products.  We will also be showcasing some of our goods in local businesses that are service based.

How do you find your suppliers ?

The majority of our our vendors are artists with a limited online presence, so we find most of them through cooperatives or local distributors in their areas. Occasionally we work with fair trade distributors that have a larger support network.  We also source some products through Etsy by contacting the artists directly.

Is everything handmade?

No.  While the majority of our items are handcrafted, some pieces are so interesting that we have purchased from commercial suppliers.  We do our best to ensure that we do not support any unfair working conditions.

How can I partner with The Spirit Haüs?

Send an e-mail to info@thespirithaus.com We are always seeking out new ideas and perspectives, so if you would like to display your crafts let us know!  In addition we are looking for partners around Hong Kong that run service based businesses and are looking for cool items to sell.  We offer many options including wholesale rates and profit-sharing solutions to make your business successful!