Himalayan Salt Lamps

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Pink Himalayan salt lamps made from salt mined in Pakistan.  A variety of sizes are available.  Each lamp is unique, so photos are for reference only.


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Sold Exclusively on line and at Float On HK. Contact them or swing by their space to check out current lamps in stock.

Why Salt Lamps?

Pure Himalayan salt lamps offer many beneficial qualities to your home and living spaces.  Salt is naturally hygroscopic, which means it attracts water.  When your salt lamp is on, the heat from the light bulb helps to evaporate the moisture and can help to fight humidity in your house.  The soft orange light given off by the lamp can help put you in the mood for sleep or relaxation. As many of us spend more time using our phones, tablets and computers the blue light emitted from these devices can disrupt our sleep patterns.  Using a salt lamp as a nightlight or bedside lamp allows you to help reset your system before sleep.  Our lamps have a built-in dimmer, so it is ideal for creating the perfect nighttime glow.

Our salt lamps begin in the salt mines of Pakistan.  Each piece of salt is hand cut to show off it its unique structure and highlight variations in the salt.  The rock is hollowed out to create a salt lamp “shade”, which is attached to a wooden base.  The lighting assembly is manufactured in China and includes the bulb, a standard 13a UK wall plug and a dimmer controller.  This dimmer allows you to control the quality of light your salt lamp provides and is excellent before bed to help you relax, reflect and calm your brain.

It is recommended that .45 kg of salt (1 lb) will help filter an area of about 1.2 meters³ of room. (4 sq feet). We currently offer three sizes of lamps, but please contact us if you need any advice finding the right size lamp for your space.

1 UK style 13a plug
1 C7 size light bulb – 220v
1 dimmer control
Wooden base

Himalayan Salt Shade from Pakistan, Assembled in China

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